Time and Attendance Software and Equipment


REF: FT006

The NMB Stadium, managed under the MBDA require quotes for the following:

To supply, install and setup of Time and Attendance Equipment and Software as per the following specification:


• Any number of time categories are possible, for example normal time, overtime, short time, night allowance, sick leave and many more.
• Other features include:
• Transfer of overtime to make up normal time, done daily and/or end of any pay period
• Optional authorizing or declining of overtime for any time category
• Able to authorize overtime before or after it’s worked.
• Optional time sheet approval (3 levels) before submitting for payroll
Caters for afternoon and night allowances with custom rules applied.
Rounding of daily and/or end of period hours

• An unlimited number of shifts and pay groups are possible, other features include:
• Daily and/or end of period (pay group) calculations made, using rules and/or formulae
• Catering for very complex shift rule environments
• Configurable weekly, monthly, biweekly or any other dynamic date-varying pay groups
• Any shift and pay group applied per employee or group of employees
• Scheduling of shifts for employees with erratic shift patterns with an easy to apply interface
• Able to import shift schedules from CSV file
• Any and all break types (Lunch, Tea, Toilet), paid or unpaid
• Flexi time available with minimum and maximum hours to carry to next period
• Able to revoke access to site if an employee exceeds allowed overtime hours
• Bonus times are possible under certain conditions (Public holiday, call outs)
• Shifts exceeding 24 hours are catered for, example truck drivers who spend several days off site
• Grace time and ignoring of time clocked before shift start is easily managed
• Automatic shift allocation (Shift Sensing)
• No need for dedicated ‘In’ and ‘Out’ readers. Only one reader required!
• Bulk shift and pay group changes for any group of employees for any date range
• Automatic import and calculation of clockings are both possible, other features include:
• Rounding of clockings at daily and/or periodic level
• Interfaces with existing access control systems
• Add, delete or modify clockings with reasons (Audited and easily differentiated)
• Bulk addition of clockings
• Unlimited number of clocking transactions per day
• Able to ignore duplicate clockings (clocking ‘In’ or ‘Out’ multiple times)
• Optional clocking groups (Different T&A devices for different groups of employees)
• • Optionally use the first and last clocking of the day (Ignoring ‘In Between’ clockings)
• Late arrival, early departure and short time calculations can be monitored, other features include:
• Any type of manual adjustment for all time away from work
• Leave can automatically be imported from a CSV file
• Bulk adjustments for any employee/s for any given date or date range.

o Ability to setup any number of leave types and rules
o Leave types can be linked with T&A data
o Full reporting available
o Option to easily import opening balances from payroll
o Capture supporting leave documentation per transaction
o Export leave balances to payroll for payslip purposes
o An unlimited number of users are all able to work concurrently. Other features include:
• Limit users to WHO they can view
• Limit users to WHO they can edit
• Limit users to WHAT functions they can perform in the software
• Limit users to which adjustments they may apply
• Limit users to set REPORTS they can view
• Enforce the expiry of the login password after a certain time period
• Enforce varying password complexity (Case, Digits, Special Characters, Length)
o Multiple employee reminders are possible (Medical exams, fork lift licences etc).
o All reminders can be acknowledged centrally
o Ability to remove employees’ access if reminder is not acknowledged
o Email or SMS any reminder notifications to employee and/or supervisor
• You can create your own reports using built in Report Creator.
• Email any report at any time to any recipient/s for any group of employees
• Export to Excel
• Print to PDF format
• Daily and/or period totals displayed in hours or decimal format
• Limit certain users to specific reports

• Effortless integration to payroll is enabled with the file Export Creator. Other features include:
• Ability to export payroll file automatically
• Automatically import customizable employee information and leave from SAGE Pastal Evolution Payroll, and custom import file.
• Automatically import employee Information from a customizable CSV file
• Recommended by SAGE Pastal Evolution Payroll.
• Must use fingerprint and have card function available
• 500 users or more
• Time & Attendance In & Out function keys
• User ID, PIN and BioPIN(3) management
• Intuitive icons and live messages
• Fake finger detection, duress finger,
• Timed anti-pass back
• Enables on-device enrollment, terminal configuration and transaction log retrieval
• Use with any device (PC, laptop, tablet,smartphone)
• Use with any OS (Apple iOS, Android,Windows)
• Temperature sensitive to human temperature
• IP65
• IK08
• All 3 needs to be connected via our existing network.

• A full service and maintenance will have to done at least twice a year.
• Any adhoc faults occurring during the year will be invoice on a call out basis.
• Any additional equipment or spares needed to make system fully functional, will first have to be invoiced before work can commence.

Quality Assurance
• Must comply with stadium specifications and standards.
• 2 separate quotes needs to submitted, 1 for Time and attendance software and equipment and 1 for maintenance contract.
• All network points will be installed before the installation of the time and attendance equipment.
• All necessary training required to operate the system after installation, needs to be provide to at least 5 staff members.
• Must have at least 5 years working experience
• Must at least a 2 year warranty.
• Must have contactable references.

CLOSING DATE: 21 January 2019

COMPULSARY SITE MEETING: 16 January 2019 @ 11h00

Danville Bush on 041 408 8900 or via e-mail: dbush@nelsonmandelabaystadium.co.za

Services required

Address: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

1. Please submit all your quotations to KSontshatsha@nelsonmandelabaystadium.co.za
• Valid B-BBEE Certificate
• Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
• Proof of Company registration
• Confirmation of banking details/ cancelled cheque
• CSD report
• Proof of NMB supplier database registration

2. All bidders must be registered on National Treasury supplier database: www.csd.gov.za and NMBM supplier database.
3. All specification related queries must be directed to contact person above.