Poison free pest and animal control service



The NMB Stadium, managed under the MBDA require quotes for the following:

Title: Project-F0104

Specification: Please see below, the request for a poison free pest and animal control service. However, the specification must not deviate from the below stated list.

Previous experience in the below named work is essential. Please find attached functionality criteria scoring Annexure A.

The appointed contractor must be able to remove the following pests and problem animals without using poison
• Birds (crows, pigeons, sparrows but not limited to only these).
• Rats (all invasive species)
• Mice (all invasive species)
• Cats (as far as possible find the owner, relocate or place in shelter)
• Dogs (as far as possible find the owner, relocate or place in shelter)
• Geese (remove from site mostly after hours)
• Cockroaches, flees, flies, spiders, miggies to name a few (kill without using any form of poison)
• Bees (remove and relocate without killing them)
• Wild life (remove and relocate any form of wild life out of the stadium without harm)

Must be able to attend to unlimited call outs day or night that has been authorized by the Facilities Manager/ Supervisor.

Quality assurance:
• Must comply with stadium specifications and standards.
• Submit a full detailed report with monthly invoice.
• Contractor to supply a full method statement on all areas of problem animal and pest control without the use of poison.
• Contractor will need to supply health and safety file once appointment has been made.
• Public liability insurance will need to be provided.
• With provision to provide equipment and materials witch will fall under this specific scope over and above the contract value but not exceeding the R200 000.00.
• This will be a 12 month or under R200 000.00 contract.
• Pricing must be split in the following: 1 - Rental and monitoring of feeding stations per visit/hour. 2 – Rental, maintenance and monitoring of hawk, bat and owl boxes per month. 3 – Responding to problem animal and pest problems per call out/hour including the use of all forms traps and consumables. 4 – Educational talks to schools and tours.
• This will be a call out only contract with no monthly retainer paid.
1. Problem Animal Certification to set Cage traps - Nature Conservation Ordinance 19/1974 as amended
2. Permit to hunt protected species by legal means - Nature Conservation Ordinance 19/1974 as amended
3. Permit to trap protected birds by means of traps and nets – Nature Conservation Ordinance 19/1974 as amended
4. Valid Firearms competency licence – Firearms Act as amended
5. Wildlife Welfare Certificate – Animal Protection Act as amended.
6. Valid Hunting licence - Nature Conservation Ordinance 19/1974 as amended
7. Valid Falconry permit to use falcons/hawks to disturb /hunt problem animals - Nature Conservation Ordinance 19/1974 as amended
8. Permit to translocate/capture protected wild animals - Nature Conservation Ordinance 19/1974 as amended
9. Proven track record in environmentally sustainable problem animal and pest management with references.
10. Must have a fall arrest certificate/rescue from heights.
11. If possible, a pest control certificate.

CLOSING DATE: 10 January 2019



041 408 8900 or via e-mail: lgeel@nelsonmandelabaystadium.co.za

Services required from 18 January 2019

Address: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

1. 1. Please submit all your quotations to KSontshatsha@nelsonmandelabaystadium.co.za with the following documents;
• Valid B-BBEE Certificate
• Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
• Proof of Company registration
• Confirmation of banking details/ cancelled cheque
• CSD report
• Proof of NMB supplier database registration

2. All bidders must be registered on National Treasury supplier database: www.csd.gov.za and NMBM suppliers’ database
3. All specification related queries must be directed to contact person above.