Maintenance of Water Purification Plant

Department: Technical
Closing Date: 2021-01-26
Closing Time: 12:00

TC:2021/1 – Waterworks
The NMB Stadium, managed under the MBDA require quotes for the following:

Support services and maintenance of Water Purification Plant.

The appointed contractor must be equipped to fulfill the below scope. The appointment will be on a month-to-month basis, not exceeding 30th June 2021. Due to the current mandate of the MBDA and the management of the Stadium, the appointed service provider shall be given one-month notice should the management mandate of the NMBM no longer vest with the MBDA.
This will include provision to provide support, equipment and materials for the current system, which will fall under this specific scope, over and above the contract value not exceeding total value of R200 000.00.

The company agrees to undertake to supply and deliver the following, as per price schedule below,
• Annual legionella sampling & analysis
• Chemicals as needed for the treatment of the WATER PURIFICATION PLANT
• Necessary chemical tanks with posted MSD sheets.
• Ensure the full functionality of both cooling tower & Waterworks.
• Responsible for maintenance of both cooling tower & Waterworks.
• Send samples quarterly to the private SANAS laboratory and keep the client on loop.
• The Company agrees to undertake the testing of water from all system being treated on the premises of the subscriber at the intervals agreed to, provided that products supplied by the Company are being used in these system. Full analytical service tests will be once per month. The company will be responsible for the mixing and the dosing of the chemical, and will be site bi-weekly when basic testing and reporting will be done. The service will include maintenance required to ensure fully functional system.
• The company will clean out manually, the Disc Filter and Rapid Sand filters of Plant on commencement of contract, or as and when production allows. Towers to be made available to the company as agreed upon date and time.
• Monthly calibration of PH controller in the pump room
• Any minor repairs to both systems the contractor will be responsible and for repairs more than R10 000.00 the contractor will submit a quote.
• The company should demonstrate competence by having the following:
Representative with the minimum of NQF 6 in Chemistry/Analytical chemistry/Chemical engineering.
Representative with the minimum of NQF 4 in mechanical engineering.
Minimum of 5 year’s water process and cooling system management experience.
• Chemicals needed
 Ferric chloride
 Sanite shield
 Hydrex 2620,7310,2525,7511
 Nitric acid
Site Briefing: 20/01/2020 @10H00
Closing Date: 26/01/2020

The quotes will be evaluated on the 80/20 preferential point system as well as on functionality.
Service providers that do not obtain 70% on the functionality criteria will be excluded from further evaluation. (if applicable)
PAYMENT FOR SERVICES Payment will be issued after the goods have been delivered or the service has been rendered and deemed to be satisfactory.
Payments will be made within 30 days from receipt of a valid invoice, accompanied by a statement of account.
GENERAL CONDITIONS 1.1. All prices shall be must exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).
1.2. All prices will be evaluated exclusive of VAT.
1.3. It is compulsory for all potential suppliers to be registered on the Central Supplier Database.
1.4. The MBDA reserves the right not to accept the lowest or any quotation and no reason to the acceptance or rejection of quotation will be furnished.
1.5. Quotations to be valid for 60 days from closing date
1.6. The MBDA SCM policy will apply.
1.7. It is compulsory for all bidders to be registered and to submit proof of NMB supplier database registration with the quotation (failure to submit such proof will deem your submission non-responsive)
1.8. Completed MBDA 4 and MBD 9
1.9. All RFQ related questions to be emailed to the following address: rfq@nmbstadium.co.za
REQUESTS/ COMMENTS Goods/Services to be delivered to NMBS: 70 Prince Alfred Road, North End, Port Elizabeth.
1. 1. Please submit all your quotations to rfq@nmbstadium.co.za with the following documents;
• Valid B-BBEE Certificate
• Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
• Proof of Company registration
• Confirmation of banking details/ cancelled cheque
• CSD Registration Report
• Proof of NMB supplier database registration (failure to submit such proof will deem your submission non-responsive)
• Completed MBDA 4 and MBD 9

2. All bidders must be registered on National Treasury supplier database: www.csd.gov.za and NMBM suppliers’ database

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