One stop Solution – Branding Management Agency



The NMB Stadium, managed under the MBDA require quotes for the following: One stop Solution – Branding Management Agency on a retainer basis. There are 10 estimated monthly events.
For a detailed specification, please see below
Scope of work

Branding Activation

Installation and set-up of NMB Stadium branding at the NMB Stadium events.

Branding Storage & Maintenance
• Safekeeping of branding materials in the warehouse/storage facility, clean and event ready any time.
Branding Management
• Branding drawn, packed, dispatched and collected as required.
• Stock levels managed, event related losses and damages are reported.
Branding & Point of Sale Production
• Manufacture and design of the complete range of branding and point of sale materials. Additional cost to the stadium.
• Source additional requirements at stadium cost.
Custom Signage
• Be able to design, manufacture and install according to specifications.
• Branding Rentals & Ad-hoc Events
• Afford the stadium the ability to purchase only the prints and hire the hardware from you.

Branding Storage & Maintenance

• Storage and maintenance services to ensure that the stadium’s branding is always looking tidy and clean.
• After events branding to be screened, cleaned and all minor repairs immediately done at additional cost to NMB Stadium.
• Branding to always be neatly wrapped and stored in a dedicated, access controlled storeroom.

Branding Management

• Help the stadium manage stock levels and make sure branding is kept event ready at all times.
• Process requests for branding as per authorised instructions and be able to advise our teams as to which branding is available for an event and which is booked out and by whom.
• Once availability is confirmed, the event must be diarised. On the day(s) of the event set-up items to be packed and despatched.
• Return dates to be followed up on to ensure branding is returned in time for the next event booking.
• Also manage courier requests, which includes packaging and delivery to and from venues.

Branding & Point of Sale Production

• Always accessible to consult and share ideas on which solutions will be best suited for the stadium’s branding needs whether internal, external or point of sale branding material.
• Be capable to design, manufacture and source any branding solutions the stadium may require, at the most cost effective rates to suit the budget.

Custom Signage

• Have the capacity to install custom signage.
• Our team is there to assist you throughout the whole process.
• Be able to do signage roll-outs, from small events to big nationwide based deployments.

Branding Rentals & Ad-hoc Events

• Have a wide range of branding hardware in stock that is available for hire for when we need to stretch the budget and cut cost.
• The stadium may need to purchase prints to be fitted and installed, be used for one specific event.
• Prints will need to be returned to the stadium after the event, stored by you for use at a next event, or responsibly recycled if not required again.
• After the event you will again check, report and pack to deliver back to the stadium.

Brand Activation

• Transport and erect our branding prior to the event start time. In addition, monitor the branding during the event to guard against weather conditions and theft.
• On completion of the event, take-down and return the branding to the warehouse, where it will be checked, packed and stored at the.
• Send a full report of any broken, damaged or lost branding during the event as well as photos of how the branding was displayed at the event.


• A Strong Reputation in the Branding Management Industry
• BEE Level 1 with Ownership
• A Blue Chip Customer Base
• A minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry.
• Portfolio of evidence
• References Contact Details

Contract duration

6 Months

Quality assurance
Must comply with stadium specifications and standards.

The quotes will be evaluated on the 80/20 preferential point system as well as on functionality.
Service providers that do not obtain 70% on the functionality criteria will be excluded from further evaluation. (if applicable)


 Payment will be issued after the goods have been delivered or the service has been rendered and deemed to be satisfactory.
Payments will be made within 30 days from receipt of a valid invoice, accompanied by a statement of account.


1.1. All prices shall be must exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).
1.2. All prices will be evaluated exclusive of VAT.
1.3. It is compulsory for all potential suppliers to be registered on the Central Supplier Database.
1.4. The MBDA reserves the right not to accept the lowest or any quotation and no reason to the acceptance or rejection of quotation will be furnished.
1.5. Quotations to be valid for 60 days from closing date
1.6. The MBDA SCM policy will apply.

REQUESTS/ COMMENTS To be delivered to NMBS: 70 Prince Alfred Road, North End, Port Elizabeth.

Closing date : 30 December 2019 @ 12h00

1. 1. Please submit all your quotations to with the following documents;
• Valid B-BBEE Certificate
• Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
• Proof of Company registration
• Confirmation of banking details/ cancelled cheque
• CSD report
• Proof of NMB supplier database registration

2. All bidders must be registered on National Treasury supplier database: and NMBM suppliers’ database